Nexty – Zero Transfer Fee, Instant Transfer

1 – Nexty is an ecosystem of Fintech that helps e-commerce and startup technology to raise funds from the community. Nexty itself has a code named NTY with different features such as Instant Transfer, Zero Transfer Fees, Currency Stabilization System and Currency Dual Crypto.

Feature of nexty platform

#- Dual cryptocurrency confirmation system

#- Zero transfer fees

#- Instant transfer

#- Price stabilisation system

#- Smart staking

#- Encourage start-ups to apply for fund

#- Simple to use

#- privacy and confidentiality

#- Dual cryptocurrency confirmation system

➡ This means that Nextycoin (NTY) allows companies, startup e-commerce and technology to mobilize ICO funds through Nexty and Nexty, which will hold its stake in the company. Mobilize (You see the program SHARK TANK or SHARK TANK VIETNAM will understand this will bring huge profits.)

➡ Instant Transfer, Zero Transfer Fees: This means that when dealing with NTY you will not lose time (instantaneous transactions) and no charge (this is the time pass bitcoin or eth will understand it uncomfortable and tired how tired).

You can see : Nexty instant transfer & zero transfer fee direct test . It’s great !!

➡ Price Duality System and Currency Dual Crypto. (This is similar to FirstCoin)

➡ Dual cryptocurrency confirmation system – a system with two coin at a time, one coin for transactions on e-commerce sites called pNTY, one used to confirm transactions called NTF.

Only NTF has the right to dig and certify pNTY to generate pNTY

Total pNTY 22,000,000

Total NTF 10,000,000.

Only those who buy during the ICO will be NTF and have to run smart staking to get NTF.

2. Nexty Operations Platform:

➡ Nexty uses ETH’s code set and develops into NTY’s own code set that allows NTY to verify transactions faster with a charge of 0.

For example, if you buy an item on an ecommerce site for a very low price of around $ 1 if you use bitcoin or eth then it’s too many digits in the decimal, you have to wait a long time to get the confirmation. And the level is even bigger than the item you bought … And with NTY that is easy to solve. 3.Lending up to 58.9% per month. Smart Staking up to 7% per month.

➡ This is a strategy that I highly appreciate. You can just give Nexty a loan of NT $ 58.9% / month (interest in MLM lending) or Smart Staking with 7% / month but get paid instantly.

3. Partner

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 2 người, văn bản

Nexty has signed a partnership agreement with – a multi-channel vending machine that has a smooth running product with full web-based apps, the App Store, and Google Play.

Continued on the lead in adopting blockchain technology to build e-commerce ecosystems as originally oriented.

BigHub is pleased to be a partner and a strategic consultant for community building for both Nexty, Gosama and many upcoming blockchain projects.

4. Exchange 

Nexty was listed on IDAX in May 5th, 2018, top 32 exchanges on with DAILY volume of $50,000,000.

It is Nexty merit to have your support throughout this time and they hope this precious support will be kindly maintained in the long-term future!

You can see more information: 
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My bitcointalk URL :;u=1437552;sa=summary

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