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Product lauch system

If you look at the product launches coming out of affiliate networks like JVZoo you will have noticed that the vast majority of them are software. There is a reason for that and that is because software sells in volume compared to a training course, but why?
Why do software consistently outperform training courses in terms of sales?
Because they’re real, definable products people can actually use. In this world of online shopping, one thing holds many people back from buying. They don’t see enough perceived value in the product they’re considering.
Lets look at a couple of facts.
  1. The Top 5 Best Selling Products Of All Time On JVZoo Have Made Over $7,000,000 In Revenues
  2. The Top 10 Best Sellers Of All Time Have Made Over $10,416,068 In Revenues And Counting
A guide to counting calories, or an app that counts them for you just by entering a recipe?
A guide to tracking your fitness, or a software that counts every step you take during a day?
Every time, the software, app or tool sells more. Even if the guide turns out to be more helpful… The software has higher perceived value which is what online shoppers want.

So what does this mean to you?

Many people believe software creation is incredibly expensive, it doesn’t have to be.

Many believe they need specialized skills & programming experience.

You don’t — most of the top 10 sellers on JVZoo have no clue how to code or design — they just get others to do it for them.

Many believe they can never come up with an idea for a successful software.

You can find winning ideas just by watching the news, reviewing the market, and seeing what other marketers are doing.

In fact, there are marketers that have successfully created software for less than $500, then launched them and generated over $100K in revenues in less than a week. I know from experience that it is possiable to generate this type of revenu from software as my partner I have successefully deveoped and sold over $1000,000 worth of software over the last five years.
By learning to maximise ROL, having the team help me with profit maximisation and by being supported through the process of making profit predictions (that were scarily accurate) the System has helped me grow as an entreprenuer. My favourite part of the whole plan is that I get to make money via funneling free traffic and (apart from the initial set up) I don’t even have to lift a finger! The initial investment in the scheme was a minimal price, allowing me to put my real money towards growing the business. I also love the fact that the System allows me to make money over the long term. In the future this is going to be an income that boosts my pension- and I’m only forty eight, think how much more the business will have grown by then? If I work hard enough and repay the rest of the medical expenses maybe I can get my retirement fund back. Who knows?
Coming from a background in office work it was refreshing to be guided step-by-step through a course that I knew would make money for me in the end- and not for someone else. Through the program I get to be my own boss, choose my own hours and participate as much or as little as I like. I have the ability to pack up and leave the house at a moments notice, and I no longer need to spend hours and hours in a stuffy office when I could be doing much more important things.

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